Yashi, an Afghan refugee, arrived here in February. He and other Afghans moved to the US on a special immigrant Visa created for those whose lives have been threatened because they worked for US Forces. Yashi does not feel special here. He, like many others, cannot resume his life and use his skills. He has to rely on our social service agencies.


A group of Somali Bantu have left behind the civil war in their country to start a new life in Syracuse, NY. The Bantu are a farming people. In their homeland there was no electricity and no paved roads. There they lived in the countryside. Living in a city is a very new and challenging experience for them. They need to learn how to pay bills, how to shop in huge grocery stores, how to get and hold jobs and how to drive cars.

The Sudan

The story of "The Lost Boys" of the Sudan is now well known. Thousands of young boys fled their villages and travelled by foot nearly 1000 miles to refugee camps in Kenya. It was an incredible journey. There were no adults. Alone they walked on and on in groups threatened by wild animals and looking for some source of food and water. They stayed in the refugee camps for long periods of time before being resettled in the US and other countries.


Moctar Teyeb, who had actually been a slave in Mauritania, said after coming to the US; "It was very beautiful, this freedom, America."